Laughter Helps Healing

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For the past 3 years, I have planned a comedy dinner at the beginning of fall. It separates my events into two large ones per year at about 6 months apart. Both events are totally different, since there is nothing in life better than laughing out loud. Every year we offer a dinner with the show and keep the ticket price low enough to be affordable to all. Although you have to be at least 18 to attend, it is for my foundation that helps children and keep my book in the eye for those who may need a bit of inspiration dealing with an ill child. I...

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Loosing Someone Special

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We just went to a funeral of a wonderful lady we have known for many years. Phyllis had dementia for the past few years and still remained as lovely as the day we met her. Many, many years ago, even before we bought our restaurant, we were customers there and met her and her husband at the bar one evening. They also owned some businesses locally and together we would chat and share “war stories” of the business. After we sold our restaurant, we frequented a few places locally and would run into each other periodically. They were...

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Preparing for Inclimate Weather

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We have experienced a few hurricanes and warnings over the past couple months on the east coast. Following the storm on the weather channel and local channels can become quite trying. In our home, those channels are on for days before watching, tracking, and re-watching all of the scenarios and each step the storm takes. Since Sandy wiped out the entire first floor of our home and it took 4 months before we were able to move back into it, I always want to be prepared . My husband has decided that being prepared is always the number one...

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Being Self Centered

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Funny, but I think I am sometimes TOO logical. I always always like to plan. I like to think ahead and consider all options and scenarios and work around everyone who is involved in whatever it is I am preparing for. This could be anything from a vacation to a simple dinner. No matter what it may be, I like to be considerate and flexible and think it all through. I want to consider everyone’s needs, likes, and dislikes. I am certain that not everyone in this world ever does this. Some of you do, some not. When I am looking at the big...

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Things Going Your Way

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How often to you feel things just are not “going my way?” Do you think about all the senarios of each thing and disect it and try to figure every one out? I do at times, although I always try to look at the “big picture” in everything thing I do. I look at the good, bad, and even play out different things in my head before I make a decision. I try to be over organized; something that often gets me into trouble since the world, family, friends, etc almost always do not plan and just go in the moment. Me, I hate that. I...

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Go With The Flow

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I am a very organized person, sometimes too organized. I keep things in order to the point that at times, I cannot find them. I know that sounds a bit crazy but when you are busy and punctual it makes life flow easily. The point I am getting at, is that although I am organized and always, always on time, I can easily go with the flow. I can be flexible and change what the “plan” is without too much turmoil. Some of us seem not to be able to do that. The focus stays on the original plan and if someone steps sideways to suggest a...

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Love to Travel

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I love to travel, do you? It’s exciting to discover new and beautiful places.Even the challenge of packing is an adventure to me.  It is interesting to see how others live in different climates, some with big industry, others without. Each place we visit has a different economy and cost of living yet it all narrows down to the bottom line, supporting ones-self and one’s family. As a younger person, I loved to travel to only warm places so I could bake in the sun and do nothing all day but relax. Although I still love to enjoy the...

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Dining Out

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I know I normally blog about health and such but every once in a while I like to mix it up and share other experiences in my life. Before I began to write, I was in the restaurant/nightclub business, and still am to a point, and wanted to share something important. Being the part of any business is time consuming and demanding. Owning a successful business does not give you a licence to “not care or pay attention”. It is actually very very demanding for those who have no experience in owning their own business or idea . You have to...

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The Heat with an Ill Child & Travel

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As a child it was very, very challenging for my parents to take us places in the extreme heat since I was so weak and frail. I could not keep up with my siblings and from being unable to eat it became a challenge for my parents to try to plan anything worthy other than a trip to the beach and/or a pool. For us, almost anything we did as a family was a treat but what I remember most is feeling sick most of each trip and wondering how long it would be before we return home. As a parent ,I really never had to experience travel with an ill child...

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What is happening in this world? Why are there so many people who feel justified to kill? Why are we so mad at each other? Why do we think an eye for an eye is the answer? I normally do not blog about things like this but my heart is telling me to reach out and share. Killing people for no apparent reason. It seems like we feel like we have a reason. We get reasons like color, religion, job description, taking it into our own hands as if we are uncivilized. If there is no order and each of us takes the law into our own hands, we take such a...

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