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Posts made in December, 2016

Chicken Soup, Good for the Soul

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This is a book and a saying and is so very true. I love to cook and making chicken soup is a specialty of mine. It is a staple in our freezer at all times and everyone we are close with looks forward to a “drop off” when they are feeling ill and under the weather. On a snowy day in the middle of winter, there is nothing like a big bowl of homemade chicken soup. When I visited our son a few times I surprised him with a fresh pot of soup for his freezer, which he loved more than anything and recently...

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Appreciate What We Have

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With all the election stuff (speaking mildly), and everyone bickering in the country (also putting it mildly), it’s time to stand up and sit back and wait. It is not going to matter who you voted for or not, we are all Americans, of every color and religion. We have to give it the time it needs to unfold and play out. We should all be on the same page at this point and hope and ,yes, pray, that things will fall into place. Taxes, healthcare, deportation, and everything else going forward. We have made our...

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Family “Stuff”

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We all have it, try to hide it,deal with hit, hate it. That pretty much sums up the whirlwind of a family. Whithout it we could not exist as a family. It feeds us positive and negative energy and the truth is to learn the balance and make it work for everyone.  It is impossible to please every kind of personality without creating a bit of havic among family members. I try to keep neutral when I can but like everyone I speak my mind when needed but try very hard not to hurt feelings along the way. I have found...

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Illness and the Holidays

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All of us have experienced illness during the holidays at one time or another. It really is not the “best” time to become ill, but for those of us who have something much more serious that we are dealing with throughout the year, the holidays can be challenging. If a child is hospitalized, then we have to work around it and remember that holidays are just another day of the week. We strive for that perfection but we forget that happiness and gifts should first come from the heart. If the family...

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Holidays are Coming

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Just when we thought you had all the time in the world, they are here again. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and all the other holidays that are celebrated around the world. I love them all and embrace each one as they come and go. We gather the family and laugh, eat, and catch up until the next time we can gather everyone together and repeat our ritual. Our happiness centers around the preparing of our favorite foods and desserts, special drinks and lots of laughs and smiles. We are all just happy to...

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