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Posts made in November, 2016

Winter is Just Around the Corner

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I hate to admit it but where we live, no matter how much we try to ignore it, the cold will blanket us soon and embrace our lungs with breathless mornings. At times I can say I enjoy the refreshing air but most of the time, by end of January, I am counting the days until spring and summer are upon us. It is nice if you can take a trip to somewhere warm, something we always try to do, which helps us cope with winters that are ungodly cold. When my bones feel the ache and cold and I cannot warm up during the day, I...

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Laughter Helps Healing

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For the past 3 years, I have planned a comedy dinner at the beginning of fall. It separates my events into two large ones per year at about 6 months apart. Both events are totally different, since there is nothing in life better than laughing out loud. Every year we offer a dinner with the show and keep the ticket price low enough to be affordable to all. Although you have to be at least 18 to attend, it is for my foundation that helps children and keep my book in the eye for those who may need a bit of...

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Loosing Someone Special

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We just went to a funeral of a wonderful lady we have known for many years. Phyllis had dementia for the past few years and still remained as lovely as the day we met her. Many, many years ago, even before we bought our restaurant, we were customers there and met her and her husband at the bar one evening. They also owned some businesses locally and together we would chat and share “war stories” of the business. After we sold our restaurant, we frequented a few places locally and would run into each...

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