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Posts made in August, 2016

The Heat with an Ill Child & Travel

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As a child it was very, very challenging for my parents to take us places in the extreme heat since I was so weak and frail. I could not keep up with my siblings and from being unable to eat it became a challenge for my parents to try to plan anything worthy other than a trip to the beach and/or a pool. For us, almost anything we did as a family was a treat but what I remember most is feeling sick most of each trip and wondering how long it would be before we return home. As a parent ,I really never had to...

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What is happening in this world? Why are there so many people who feel justified to kill? Why are we so mad at each other? Why do we think an eye for an eye is the answer? I normally do not blog about things like this but my heart is telling me to reach out and share. Killing people for no apparent reason. It seems like we feel like we have a reason. We get reasons like color, religion, job description, taking it into our own hands as if we are uncivilized. If there is no order and each of us takes the law into...

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My Mother/My Son

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Lately, I have been thinking about this and thought I would share. I figured that most if not all of you could relate to this blog and I welcome you sharing your thoughts. A Letter to my Mother: You became ill and fought 5 years or so with a rare disease of the brain that ended your life way too early. However, because we can not change the past and we need to appreciate what we do have, I was able to thank my higher power for keeping you here with us long enough for our young son to remember....

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Do You Ever Wonder?

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Do you ever wonder why the sky is blue, the rain smells nice, the wind can be overpowering? Do we just accept life as is or does anyone else question the answers to these? Is there really a science to all of this? I think there is a science, but is that only because we are taught this or is there really a reason for all of this? Why is the sun where it is? Who put it there? Do clouds have shapes on purpose? Why do some volcanoes erupt and others are dormant? There are millions of them! Who decided the answers? Or...

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