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Posts made in April, 2016

A Recent Interview

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Recently I was interviewed, along with a number of people in Vineland, for the Grapevine Newspaper. What we all have in common, is that in the past few years we all were honored as Hometown Heros. In 2010, after my book came out, I was honored as a hero to area communities for what I went though, what I do to give back, and how I do it. At the awards dinner, were a group of us all with something we have done or do to help others in our community. What fun we had! Now, all these years later, they call and asked...

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A Friends Daughter

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I have a friend who’s daughter is mentally challenged.  Her mom has explained what is wrong with this young lady, who is 22-23 years old, but to make it simple to understand- she is mentally about 3- 4 years old. She has graduated from whatever schools she could go to and had a job where she was supervised and protected, but once she graduated, the job went away if I understand correctly. She needs to be supervised and is very limited it what she can do. For that reason, she works with her mother in their...

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Best Recipe for a Cold Night

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Finally, winter has hit, temperatures are under 20 and in the single digits around the country. What does one do when the sun goes down and it’s so very chilly your bones are cold?. For me, it’s a simple mix of breaking out the crock-pot for soup or stew and changing into my warm cozy sweats and socks, only to go outside when the dogs needs to go out. I can hear the whistle of the wind but I have the fire roaring and the hot tea is sitting on the counter. The television is on with a movie and the...

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My Book

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Wanting to help people in many ways is such a wonderful thing. Personally, I like to meet the families I help whenever I can, but that is not always possible. Writing my book and sharing it is another way for me to reach out and help others. By reading and sharing my words, I am by their side, whispering in their ear, standing in the sidelines watching everything they go through and guiding them through my stories. At times, I have shared that I feel I can speak for those children who cannot by knowing what they...

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