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Posts made in March, 2016

Evening of Inspiration

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When you put your mind to something you want in life and work for it, you can have everything you dream of. Seven years ago with a few friends around my pool, we planned to promote my new book and raise money for my new foundation. My dream was for 200 people to attend and to have music and give them such a nice time they would be waiting to return each year. I did not get my 200 that I dreamt of, but I got everything else. We worked hard and had 160 people attend. Now, 7 years later I have approximately 150...

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Recent Dinner At RMH

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We love going to do dinners at the RMH of southern NJ. There is a comfort when we arrive until we are finished cleaning up that we belong. I try to go up with different groups supporting my foundation about 4-5 times a year. It not only is fun and rewarding for me personally, the people that join us are just as thrilled to go and be a part of the experience. We pick a few volunteers to join us and decide as a group on a meal plan. We then divide up the work and prep the dinner before we arrive. Each of us gets a...

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What do I Want to Learn this Year

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Every day is a learning experience in one way or another. Sometimes we do not even realize we may have learned something and sometimes it hits us in the face so quickly that we are surprised that we did not ever learn it before. It could be something simple, or something important, but learning is learning and we should embrace it. I am always interested in learning something new, especially when we travel, either historically or just traditions of an area. What I want to learn this year is so very simple yet I am...

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Such a big word for a few letters, don’t you agree? Having faith and giving faith can be so very productive in one’s life. Personally, I have faith in a lot. I have put faith in my health, my words, my personal feeling towards others, and so much more. I have always struggled with, “god” and believe we all have a “higher power,” and putting my faith into that, covers it all. Without having faith, what is left? Believing in “good things come to those who wait”, and...

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Laughter is Infectious

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We recently took a vacation with 3 other couples. We had planned this trip 8-9 months prior to leaving and thrilled that it all worked out. We have traveled with all of these folks before and all enjoy each others company. Traveling as couples is nice so that everyone has someone to hang out with and then we all still have our spouses to share with. Even though during some of the days we all went on separate tours we managed to meet for just about every meal and def had every dinner together for 10 days straight....

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