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Posts made in November, 2015

Who Inspires Me

Posted by on Nov 29, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I often tell people I am humbled by all the nice things they say about me and all that I do. I want them and everyone to realize I do all I do first, because I want to and second, because I love to help others. People ask me who I am inspired by and when I sit back to think about it, I always come up with the same answer. I am inspired by all of you, everyone my life touches, everyone I can help and do help. My words are my inspiration. Those words come from my heart and with that I am inspired to do more each and...

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The Day I Left Home For Good

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The day I left home for good was not planned or expected, and although I  do not think of it often, I decided to share it. I want to express to everyone, that no matter what you think life will hand you, it is not always the way it pans out. We have dreams, expectations, and of course, responsibilities, but what is going to happen can not always be predicted. I finished my first year of business school. Since  I wanted to model and quickly realized I was not tall enough for it, business school seemed more...

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A Summer Memory

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This past summer is something I have blogged about before but I wanted to share the best memory through all of that since there actually is one. Although it was a tough one, my happiest memory is one of caring and friendship. Going through a tough experience and trying to take care of it “all” is something we have all been through in one way or another. Those closest to me, including some family, knew what was going on and most seemed to try to be supportive in different ways. Some were just...

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What Am I Most Proud of

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There are a few things in life I am proud of. It goes without saying or so I think that my book, “Everythings Okay”, is one of the most accomplished things I have ever done. Along with that, giving birth to my son and surviving with a positive, giving attitude for all I have been through also make me proud. Now that I put a bit of thought into it, I am the most proud of being with my husband and having a successful relationship for as many years as I can remember. We met roughly 35 years ago. We have...

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Comedy Night

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Love, love when a fundraiser is that good!  We laughed from the beginning to the end and we were still laughing the next day! Our turnout was light with the terrible weather we had that weekend and the profits from the donations were not that high, but sometimes it is all about meeting new people, introducing them to what I do, and giving them a reason to want to join us again and again with all we do. The food was perfect, the comedians were more than perfect, and of course, the company we were surrounded with,...

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