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Posts made in July, 2015

Crazy Unsettled World

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What is going on in this world? Every day I turn on the news and/or open my iPad, and something new is happening in the world that is so negative. Bombings, stabbings and uproars all over the world has left me and everyone else speechless and wondering why??? Why would people choose to want to die? Why would people choose to fight, knowing that they are hurting not only who they consider their enemy, but their own people? Senseless killings, senseless anger. If all of these people channeled their anger to...

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Everyone needs a good cry once in a while. It makes us all feel a bit better to just “let it out.” When life seems to overwhelm us, whether it be from caring for an ill child or elderly relative, a death, or just a buildup of stress, a good cry can cleanse the soul. I honestly do not cry often, but once in a while, a movie or show or something happens around me and the feeling builds suddenly and wells up in my eyes. I feel an emotional pull to just let it out. Sometimes I do, but most times I just...

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Summer Childhood Memories

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Funny, while watering the flowers this early morning I was thinking of my childhood and how much I loved summer then- it was just as much as I do now. Everything about the breaking into spring followed by summer, is reflected in my thoughts today. The sound of the world coming back to life after a long winter, the smell, the change in the air, the temperatures, and of course the colors that bloom. My favorite memory of summer as a child in between all of my illnesses and hospitalizations is a good old fashioned...

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A Special Quote

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When I was a teen, and I have shared this a little in my book, Everythings Okay, one of my closest friends, Sandra, was killed in a terrible car accident in Florida at the same time I was scheduled for surgery. The problem was that because of my state of mind, my parents chose to not tell me she passed until I was a bit stronger after surgery. I had a dream about my friend while in the hospital that she needed me and I left the hospital to fly to Florida and help her only to find out that she had passed away. I...

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Treasure the Moment

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One moment you are fine, the next, bang, disaster hits, a storm, an illness, a crisis that you are not prepared for. All I can say is that handling the moment with grace and ease is the best way to survive any crisis without making yourself crazy. Deep breath in and conquer the moment. Assess the situation, be logical about the possible outcomes, and move forward. I know this is easier said than done, but it will work if you can grab yourself and wrap your head around the problem immediately. For example, we in...

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