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Posts made in August, 2011

A Crisis

Posted by on Aug 29, 2011 in General | 0 comments

What is important to you? We do not think about this enough, except maybe when something serious happens, and we are forced to slow down and face reality. So what is important to you? What do you need, and what is a priority when you have limited time to pack up and leave? I had to evacuate my home because of Hurricane Irene this weekend. Although I love my home, and cherish my personal things and all of our “stuff”, there was only so much I could take with me. What did I choose? I knew that I needed to keep...

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A Flash Back

Posted by on Aug 15, 2011 in As a Child, General, Keeping it Together | 0 comments

I spent some time with my brother this weekend and we were able to catch up with our families and talk about everything else going on in our crazy lives that often keeps us from getting together. His work, kids, two monster dogs and life in general keep him busy; While for me-my son, lots of travel (both business and pleasure), my very sick friend Nancy, and my Foundation often keep me tied up, but our families all manage to keep in touch and get together. It makes me think about our childhood and all that we...

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Looking Back

Posted by on Aug 12, 2011 in As a Child, General, Keeping it Together | 0 comments

I know we cannot go back in time and change things that have already happened, but I do want to share something with you that I shared during my interviews in New York the other day. I told each of my interviewers for every magazine we met with that day that, “If I could change anything that happened to me during my childhood, I would NOT.” What I meant by this statement was that all that my family and I went through: the pain, the mental stress, the surgeries, everything– I would not change a thing. Life...

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My Dear Friend

Posted by on Aug 8, 2011 in General, Keeping it Together | 2 comments

I often write about personal experiences and have mentioned my dear friend Nancy before. She has been very ill, and in and out of the hospital since this past January. She has had a few brain surgeries and many other problems have popped up since then that keeping up with them all has proven difficult and hard to understand. She has now taken another turn and not for the best. More spots have been discovered on her brain, and although nothing is confirmed yet, I find myself confused and hurting and felt that I...

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My Son

Posted by on Aug 3, 2011 in General | 1 comment

After all I had been through as a child suffering with cancer and the numerous surgeries and procedures I endured, I was actually able to give birth to a son. I have watched him grow, and now he will be turning 21 on his next birthday in September. To see this baby, who I never thought I could even have, be born at 8lbs 4oz and grow into the fine young man he is right now, has brought me so much joy. Johnathan is about 6′1″ and around 210 lbs. He is blonde, and so very handsome I cannot believe I gave birth...

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