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Posts made in April, 2010

Good Things

Posted by on Apr 30, 2010 in Hospital Experiences | 0 comments

I received the most beautiful letter from a women who saw me at an awards dinner last month and purchased my book. She is the mother of an extremely ill child and was so very touched by my story, I have been invited to speak at her children’s stroke victim group after the summer. I am so very honored to be asked to speak to this group. These babies, and small children have multiple problems and it seems as if they may spend the rest of their lives with some if not most of them. I told her that by coming to speak...

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My Family

Posted by on Apr 22, 2010 in Hospital Experiences | 0 comments

Sometimes I like to take a moment and sit back and think about what a great family I have. They are all concerned, supportive, loving, caring, and just plain wonderful. I think when you just take a moment out of each and every day to think of what you appreciate about your family and just think of one thing a day, you will be surprised at what you think of. I love being involved with what each of us are doing, and trying to get together as often as possible with everyone’s crazy schedule, and keeping up with all...

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Growing Up

Posted by on Apr 19, 2010 in General, Keeping it Together | 0 comments

Life is so difficult and demanding for our young people today. Pressures come from all angles and no matter what a parent does, the child has to learn how to deal with the demands of life, love, school, and pier pressure by themselves.  As a mother that pain falls short of doing as much as you can to ease kids into the “real world”, but there are many rocky roads along the way. All you can hope for is that you gave them the correct tools, and lead them in the right direction. Funny, I was so busy in and out...

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Posted by on Apr 16, 2010 in Hospital Experiences | 1 comment

Sometimes I have to understand I cannot control everything in our families lives. I guess everyone has a point in their lives that they feel overwhelmed with family and want to control what everyone does. Well, why would I think that, ever? I totally am the first one to say that everyone should follow their own path and we cannot make people act or do things because we want or think they should do something a particular way. I must have had a “brain freeze” about that since I think my son should think and do...

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New Plans

Posted by on Apr 14, 2010 in Hospital Experiences | 0 comments

Trying to work on some new events to raise money for the foundation. I am open to suggestions and look forward to hearing them. In order for the Alesia Shute Foundation to continue to gift books to organizations, we need to raise funds or get sponsors to support the cause. By sharing my words of inspiration with families around the country, I will continue to spread my gift of hope families. Of course everything costs money and with so many charities vying for funding it has become a challenge. If anyone knows...

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