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Posts made in February, 2010

Donation of Books

Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in Book Updates, General | 0 comments

Now that the big event is over, I need to deliver books around to area places where they have been donated so that they can be given away to families just as I had planned. It is taking some time for the planning of the delivery but I am going to try to get them all delivered within the next two weeks so that I can begin concentrating on other things, like visiting places and speaking engagements. If anyone who is reading this blog thinks of a place or individual family who may need a bit of comfort from meeting...

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Feeling Ill

Posted by on Feb 8, 2010 in General, Hospital Experiences | 1 comment

Yesterday I had a bad experience with a bug that hit me very violently. I could not stop vomiting and was up all night uncertain as to what to do. After deciding that I needed the emergency room, my decision being a wise one since when they gave me IV fluids and something for the vomiting, I felt better and was sent home within 2 hours. Although the rest of the day was spent napping and lounging around, it did bring back lots of memories of being that ill for even longer periods of time. As a matter of fact, the...

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People Really do Care

Posted by on Feb 1, 2010 in General | 0 comments

I spoke to the videographers today about covering my event on the 20th. They are going to do it at no charge! How very kind they are to donate their time to me and my causes. I come to find out they have children of their own, and have been to CHOP before. All of us have some kind of connection and all we have to do is dig down deep to find it. Whether we are helping the people of Haiti directly or donating to a cause like CHOP from a book purchase, it all comes back around and we can somehow help. I am seriously...

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