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Posts made in December, 2008

How do you handle the pain?

Posted by on Dec 25, 2008 in As a Child, As a Teen, Hospital Experiences | 0 comments

I can only remember that I was always having terrible pains, but thank god as time goes on the memory is less and less vivid. What I can recall is that the pain was constant, and very very severe. As young as I was, it was something I still had to deal with. I would get stomach cramps and double over and curl up in a ball and rock myself to sleep. My mother would give me some of my medicines and I am certain one of them had to be for the pain. How did I deal with it?I had no choice, I just did. Yes I cried, yes,...

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What is the toughest part about growing up sick?

Posted by on Dec 21, 2008 in As a Child, General | 1 comment

Because I was so young when I first became ill, (age 8), I had to go through childhood and my teen years with lots and lots of problems. I was too weak to play for long periods of time and to even take gym class. It was a combination of being sick or always recovering from some kind of surgery. I was constantly made fun of and teased. When I became a teen, I always had to think of an excuse as to why I was not participating. I did manage to get through it, but it was tough. Young people go through enough with day...

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What This Book Means to Me

Posted by on Dec 16, 2008 in General | 11 comments

This book has been in my thoughts for so many years prior to my actually writing it, that it feels a bit weird to be just about there. I didn’t expect to have the urge to write my story until I was much older and “retired”. But I soon found myself in my early 40’s and not working after selling a business. I made a conscious decision to stay home while my son was in high school and there I was, one snowy day in February, not working and looking at my computer. “It must be time,” I told myself. When I...

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