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“It is my job to make sure I am happy, accepting who I am, who I have become, and where I am going.”

~ Alesia Shute


Visiting the RMH of South Jersey

Several times a year, I bring different groups of...

Sending Prayers to a Friend

A friend of ours has been struggling with his...

Mother Nature…continued

I often blog about this, probably because it is...

The Year of You, 2014

At my event two weeks ago, I spoke about the...

5th Annual Evening Of Inspiration

What a lovely evening it was on March 8th for the...



Dr. Jack Templeton

Dr. Jack Templeton

Pediatric Surgeon
[Everything's Okay] brings to bear, in a sensitive and compelling way, what we, as doctors, always need to understand and provide in regard to loving and sensitive support for our patients who are experiencing, and trying to deal with, pain, fear, apprehension, and the need for comfort, reassurance, and the type of confidence that can arise from trust and understanding.

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