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“It is my job to make sure I am happy, accepting who I am, who I have become, and where I am going.”

~ Alesia Shute


An Old Friend

Spoke to an old friend who is in a rehab after a...

Childhood Memories

I went to a doctor the other day for something...

Family Visits

There is nothing like family, especially when...

Celebrating July 4th

We all enjoy a good party, barbeque, and parade,...

A Day at the Beach

Babysitting my granddaughters so is much fun and...



Dr. Jack Templeton

Dr. Jack Templeton

Pediatric Surgeon
[Everything's Okay] brings to bear, in a sensitive and compelling way, what we, as doctors, always need to understand and provide in regard to loving and sensitive support for our patients who are experiencing, and trying to deal with, pain, fear, apprehension, and the need for comfort, reassurance, and the type of confidence that can arise from trust and understanding.

The Alesia Shute Foundation